At Guerrilla Studio, dive into a unique rental offering!

Explore our Cyclorama studio tailored for photo and video, our fully-equipped kitchen for visual culinary creations, and our specialized space for your podcasts. Need a spot for recording or editing sessions? We’ve got you covered.

For a full immersive experience, venture into our complete house, ready to host all your creative endeavors.

Express your vision with our comprehensive video production service.

Whether it’s a simple shoot or a complex multicamera production, our dedicated team will help you tell your story in a visually captivating way.

From planning to post-production, we work with you to produce high-quality video content that resonates with your audience.

At Guerrilla Studio, we specialize in producing professional-grade podcasts and YouTube shows. With our 4K multicamera system, we are capable of live editing your show.

Plus, our expert team ensures your sound is spot-on with our industry-standard, high-quality microphones.

Whether it’s in our studio or at a location of your choice with our mobile unit, we’ve got everything you need to make your project happen.

Capture your most important moments with our professional photography services.

Our team of talented photographers has extensive experience in shooting portraits, product photography, and events.

We help you create images that speak of your brand or story in a vibrant and authentic way.

Aerial imagery gives an angle of view that will give scale and prestigious look to your videos and photos.

With our drone aerial imagery service, you will have access to exceptional quality 4k resolution images that will showcase your business or project.

Capture your sound accurately with our sound recording service.

Whether it’s narrating a film, a documentary, or recording musical artists, we have the equipment and expertise to produce high-quality sound recordings.

Our large soundproof room is equipped to accommodate all your audio projects.

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[ult_animation_block animation=”pulse” animation_duration=”0.5″ animation_delay=”0.5″ animation_iteration_count=”1″][ultimate_pricing design_style=”design05″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_main=”#f7f7f7″ color_bg_highlight=”#0f0000″ package_heading=”MULTI-CAMERA VIDEO SHOOTING” package_sub_heading=”STARTING AT” package_price=”$175″ package_unit=”PER HOUR” package_btn_text=”CONTACTEZ-NOUS” package_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fguerrillastudio.ca%2Fcontact”]

  • Podcast / Youtube / Facebook
  • Concerts / Events / Formation Videos
  • Multi-Camera Sysstem 4K / 6K
  • Up to 8 Cameras depending on your needs
  • Web Streaming Available
  • Mobile Unit & Studios Available


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  • Cyclorama RGB Lighting
  • 4 Bi-color Lights on rolling tripods & Light Fixtures
  • Changing Room & restroom
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Free Parking
  • 4H Minimum Rental
  • Video equipment and technicians extra


[ult_animation_block animation=”pulse” animation_duration=”0.5″ animation_delay=”0.7″ animation_iteration_count=”1″][ultimate_pricing design_style=”design05″ color_scheme=”custom” color_bg_highlight=”#0f0000″ package_heading=”RECORDING & EDITING STUDIO” package_sub_heading=”STARTING AT” package_price=”$75″ package_unit=”PER HOUR” package_btn_text=”CONTACTEZ-NOUS” package_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fguerrillastudio.ca%2Fcontact”]

  • Video Editing
  • Photo Retouching & Animation
  • Narration, Dubbing, Music, Signing
  • Spacious Soundproof Room 13pi x13pi
  • Technician Included
  • High Quality Microphones



Guerrilla Studio is the go-to destination for professionals seeking top-tier audiovisual production and photography. Located in the Laurentians, we blend creativity with technology to bring visions to life, be it through podcasts, video productions, or photo shoots. Your vision, our expertise.

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