Our video and photography studio, with a surface area of 1200 square feet, has a huge white Cyc-wall (Cyclorama) background to shoot any kind of project. (30ft W X 20ft D X 12ft H)

The cyc-wall is lit by 20 RGB LED lights disposed around the ceiling to give an even lighting. Each light can be can be controlled individually by changing the intensity, color, color temperature or even some integrated special effects.

Two immense garage doors allows you to bring in cars or trucks.

Also, a railing system with backdrops allows you to change the background to black or green (chromakey)

Unleash your voice in our fully-equipped, user-friendly podcast studio. This space provides a comfortable and inviting environment with a variety of furniture and decors, allowing you to customize the ambiance to your taste.

Additionally, with our 4K multi-camera system, you can record high-quality visual sessions, adding another dimension to your podcast content.

Cook up inspiration in our kitchen studio. Designed for culinary creators, this studio features hidden lighting and microphones, enabling YouTube cooking shows or other projects requiring a fully-equipped kitchen without compromising sound and visual quality.

This kitchen studio provides a professional space to showcase your culinary skills.

Primarily set for voice recording for video production, our facilities can also help you record anything from a song you wrote to a guitar player

We have a huge 13ft x 13ft soundproof room and quality equipment for all your audio projects.

studio montage

From video editing to special effects, our studio has the equipment and expertise to work on any kind of medias and platform.

  • Video Editing
  • Special effects
  • Animation
  • Audio Editing
  • Photo Editing

Those are some of the things Guerrilla Studio can help you with.

Create memorable scenes in our elegant house, situated on a vast plot surrounded by lush forest. Perfect for music videos, fictional works, or capturing standout photographic images, our house offers a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces, including large gardens, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a sandy volleyball court, and a large lit terrace.

Explore natural beauty and create something truly unique with Guerrilla Studio.

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